Elementary education and family education

Quality with profile

In its day care centres (crèches, nursery schools, after school care centres) the CJD would like to support children through a holistic educational approach to character development and strengthen them through implementing the key educational areas for building character (religious, sport and health, musical and political education).

The unique child, with its individual needs, abilities and interests is always at the centre of the educational activity. Based on that principle as well as on enhanced educational quality, the CJD has developed profiles to even further differentiate our educational work through: supporting (intellectual) giftedness, inclusion, speech and integration, music, bilingualism and health. 

In addition to its day care centres, the CJD offers living and social space oriented opportunities for the whole family. The CJD views strengthening mothers' and fathers’ relationship and parenting skills and their ability to deal with everyday problems as well as helping with conflict resolution as a chance to make the whole family strong and counter unequal opportunities.


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