Housing and care services

Tailored to the individual

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The CJD offers young and old people, in very different stages of life, housing and care services that are tailored to their individual needs. In the area of youth housing, the CJD offers apprentice trainees, who have to complete their schooling or practical training away from where they actually live, housing as well as social educational guidance.   

Older people, who are dependent on support and/or medical care, can find many support programs from the CJD. These range from individual services, day offerings and mobile care through various living arrangements to even a place in a nursing home.

In mobile care assisted living arrangements, the CJD makes it possible for people with disabilities to live their lives with the greatest independence or to find a new home in an appropriate residence. In the area of parental support, parents with disabilities also get support around the house. This can even take place in their own home as well as within a residence. A specialty of the CJD lies in inter-generational offers, like the multi-generation houses or quarter management which expand the range offers under the concept of inclusion. Adult refugees and refugee families are supported purposefully. The offers here range from making housing available, social support and advice to complex benefits.


Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschlands e.V. (CJD)
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E-Mail: cjdnospam@cjd.de    

CJD Executive Committee:

Oliver Stier, Herwarth von Plate