Health and rehabilitation

Promoting health as a task for the future

Bei der Krankengymnastik

People who are handicapped or are threatened with a disability have a right to occupational autonomy and through which meaningful participation in our society. The same goes for those who require rehabilitation after an accident or illness.

The CJD helps them, for example, in one of our six CJD career education centres, career support centres or other institutions for occupational rehabilitation.

In promoting the health of young people, the CJD sees an important task for the future. The topic ‘health’ is considered in all its aspects:

  • in the prevention of disease through health conscious education in CJD institutions – for example, through promoting exercise, healthy nutrition and responsible use of new media,
  • in the rehabilitation (care of chronical syndromes) above all in the area of student, pre-occupational, and occupational support as well as
  • in the indication-based therapy (treatment of certain mental and physical illnesses) in the ages of childhood and youth in specialised institutions and clinics. A medical treatment can be combined with individual and age appropriate CJD support at school, during training or in a chosen profession. This way the opportunities of young people improve decisively.


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